Finding the right doctor

Had it up to here with Chronic Migraine? Then it’s time to talk to a Headache Specialist. Their main focus is on headache disorders (including your least favorite friend, Chronic Migraine). It’s their thing. They want to put Chronic Migraine in its place. And that makes them the best choice to help find a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Here’s what to know about Headache Specialists; they:

  • Focus specifically on treating people with migraines and headaches

  • Know that Chronic Migraine is a neurological condition (related to the brain)

  • Are often the first to know about treatments for Chronic Migraine

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Time to show Chronic Migraine who’s boss. Let’s find a Headache Specialist who can help.

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Another reason to see a Headache Specialist? Only 1/3 of people with Chronic Migraine are properly diagnosed! (Based on a study of 200 people who saw a specialist.)

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