Are headaches and migraine attacks following you everywhere? If they’re interrupting your plans more days than not, it could be Chronic Migraine. With the right info, and by talking to your doctor, you can unfriend Chronic Migraine.

What is Chronic Migraine?

Chronic Migraine is a distinct disease, and if you have it, you're living with:

At least 8


per month
A total of 15 or more

migraine and headache days

per month*
*A headache day is where headaches last 4 or more hours.

What’s it like to live with Chronic Migraine?

Chronic Migraine can feel like it's always around you, disrupting plans, daily routines, vacations, and more. It means a life in which half of your month—or more—is filled with migraine and headache days.

Is Chronic Migraine taking too much from your life?

If you feel like you and Chronic Migraine are attached at the temple, migraine attacks and headaches may be affecting more of your life than you think.
See just how much...

Ready to see less of Chronic Migraine?

Don’t live your life trying to avoid this intruder. See what it takes to unfriend Chronic Migraine.