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Living half the month with debilitating headaches

Living half the month with debilitating headaches
Practical clinical criteria define Chronic Migraine as headache that occurs 15 or more days a month with headache lasting 4 hours or longer for at least 3 consecutive months in people with current or prior diagnosis of migraine.1 By this definition, people with Chronic Migraine are spending half their month living with debilitating headaches.

In a study of 520 Chronic Migraine patients, 80% were not properly diagnosed.2 If you have 15 or more headache days per month, talk to a Headache Specialist. Download our migraine diaries to record details of your migraine attacks to share with the doctor. If you do not have a doctor or would like to see a doctor who specializes in headache disorders, find one now.

Once you have a diagnosis, you and your doctor can start exploring treatment options.

How many people have Chronic Migraine?

How many people have Chronic Migraine?
Based on findings from a recent publication summarizing global Chronic Migraine prevalence rates, there are approximately 3.2 million Americans, mostly women, suffering from Chronic Migraine.3,4 This was determined by taking the publication’s Chronic Migraine prevalence rate and applying it to 2010 US population estimates for those 18 or more years of age (n = 234,504,070).4

Life with Chronic Migraine

Life with Chronic Migraine
People with Chronic Migraine experience a greater impact on their lives than people who have a lower frequency of migraine.2,5

Over a 3-month period, people with Chronic Migraine are more likely than those with episodic migraine to miss 5 or more days of: work or school, household work, and family activities.2

Track your pain and medication use to aid in your discussion about treatment with your doctor. If you do not have a doctor for your headaches, find one now.

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